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Labradors - Male
We have been raising Purebred Chocolate Labs for just over 25-yrs. We added white labs to our family in 2007 thanks to our youngest daughter and son who wanted something different. All our dogs are American Style body conformation, which generally refers to longer legs, body and nose. The American style has been bred more for hunting purposes while the English style (short and blocky) are more typically bred for show purposes. We use our dogs predominantly for upland gamebird hunting: Pheasant, Grouse and Quail but their natural hunting instincts have also proven quite useful with raccoon, rabbits and squirrels.

We do offer stud service for those interested in using our males on your female labs. Please contact us for pricing, details and vaccination requirements. Pedigrees for our dogs are posted in the Labrador/Pictures section. You will see that our dogs have multiple Field and show champions in their lineage. Pedigrees aside, these are two of the finest male labradors that we have seen or raised.
Labradors - Male 
Glacier 3-yrs old (12-24-10) Whitney Way Glacier - White (Yellow) - Birth Dec 30, 2007

Sire: Whitney Way Toby Snow - White (Yellow) - DNA #V506354
Dam: Gunner Packer Woods - Yellow
Glacier is our big loveable "polar bear" whose human devotion/protection marks are off the charts. Regularly tipping the scales at over 95lbs he loves to play and wrestle with the kids and diligently performs his duty as top gatewatcher keeping errant cows/calves in line while we do chores. He loves to swim and run in the woods ever in search of critters or waterfowl. With subzero temps in late January he didnt even hesitate to jump in the Maquoketa River on our farm to chase after a flock of wayward Canada Geese. He came back empty handed but grinning from ear to ear!
KODIAK Whitney Way Kodiak (deceased) - Chocolate - Birth Aug 5, 2004

Sire: Sir Starkey's Bear - Chocolate OFA63E
Dam: Whitney Way Sable - Chocolate OFA29G

Kodiak was everything you could ever want from a companion and hunting buddy. His energy and hunting instincts were second only to our original chocolate male Rascal. We have now been looking for more than a year to find a suitable replacement chocolate male with similar pedigree and conformation but are now seeing first hand what so many of our customers have been telling us for years, this quality of lab is just not that easy to find.
Brady and Koda (9mo) WhitneyWay Koda - Our sons' first dog of his own, Koda at 9 mo of age. Glacier x Harper 2014 Litter. Giving and getting an education at Iowa State University!
For more information about Whitney Way Farms, contact
Scott and Jean Whitney
315 East Locust Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060
(563) 652-8821 Home
(563) 513-1767 Cell
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