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Our final litter of Glacier x Harper pups arrived 3/25/17, all these pups have now been placed in their new loving homes. Litter was comprised of ten rolly-polly pups, 6F:4M. For the latest pictures and videos of our Labradors please like our FB page:

Pups come with AKC registration, wormed, first set of puppy shots and a health guarantee that covers hips, eyes or any other defect. The time proven genetic quality and conformation of our labradors is well reknowned and much appreciated by several dozen adopted families.

We have been hunting and breeding high quality registered labs since 1984 and stand on a very solid reputation built on premium breeding stock, affordable prices without gimmicks and 100% accountability.

We never tire of seeing the joy and squeals of excitement a new puppy brings to their new family. Through the years we have met a number of wonderful families running the gamut from young kids, newlyweds to retired couples. Many have returned with friends or family members also wanting a beautiful lab of their own. Many others routinely send us pictures and updates on their new four legged family members.
Labradors - Puppies 
2017 Pups at 4.5 wks Pups at 4.5 weeks old. This weekend is the long awaited "Pick" weekend. Families coming in from Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa to make the hard decision on which of these rolly-polly little babies will be joining their family!
2017 Easter Basket Puppies (3wks old) 2017 - Pups at 3wks old getting some Easter sunshine. Starting to toddle around.
2017 Peek a Boo Puppies 3wks old 2017 Peek-a-Boo Puppies (3-wks old)
2017 Passel of Puppies 3wks old 2017 - Passel of Puppies snuggling in Easter basket.
2017 - New Litter 3-25-2017 2017 PUPPY ALERT! New litter from Glacier x Harper arrived on 3/25/17, 6F:4M. Now taking reservations.
Puppy Scrapbook (Montage) Labrador Montage of some of our favorite labradors and their offspring.
2015 Christmas Puppies 2015: Merry Christmas Puppies! (12-12-15) All freshly bathed and ready to meet their new families.
2015 Fall Armloadof Puppies 11-14-15 2015: Armload of puppies 11-14-15. Three females at 3.5wks of age.
2015 Fall FemalePup - 3wks 2015: Female Pup picture taken 11-10-15 at 3-wks of age. Only two female pups still availabe from this litter.
2015 Fall Male Pup (3-wks) 2015:Male Pup picture taken 11-10-15 at 3-wks old. This little guy will be heading to Bellevue, Nebraska to join his new family before Christmas.
Fall 2015 Harper x Glacier 2015: 10-20-15 Harper x Glacier litter of 8 (7F:1M)
2015 Murphy True Love 2015: Murphy is from our Glacier x Harper 2015 litter, now 7 months old and huge!
2015 Zoe and Zeus (fall 2015) 2015: And this is Zeus (in front, 2015 Litter) and Zoe (2013 Litter)!
2015 Litter Murphy 2 2015 Litter - Murphy at 6-wks old
2015 Litter Zeus 2015 Litter - Zeus
2015 litter Murphy 2015 Litter - Puppy Love!
2015 Litter Marley 2015 Litter - Marley
2014 White Pups at 3-wks 2014 White Pups are now 3-wks old. Pictured here are two females and a male, with male in the middle. Highlights from past week include eyes opening, getting much more mobile and starting on soft puppy food in addition to mommas abundant milk. Still been too cold to play outside in lawn so getting kids attention in the whelping box.
2014 Harper with newly delivered 2014 litter. 2014: 3-9-14 Harper with here newly deliverd litter of 11 puppies. 8M:4F.
2014 Koda and Fluffy 2014: All the 2014 litter of White pups went to their new adoptive parents before Easter Weekend. All except Koda who is going to our son in Ames. Our house cats are not used to a "house dog" and are still trying to figure out what that white tornado is all about. They are always keeping an eye on him, even when he is outside for potty breaks.
Lucy 2013 White Pups: Here's Lucy today at 5 1/2 months. Spittin' image of her momma, Harper!
2013 Pups - Lucy (6 wks) 2013 White Pups: 6-wks: Lucy gives "wink" to her new humans the Frandsens from Iowa City where she is getting all kinds of LOVE. Here is note we received: "We LOVE her! She is the best pup ever, and....SO SMART! We have had Lucy for 2 overnights and 3 days and she has the sit, and shake command down already. We have had ZERO accidents in the house. A few whines but, that is to be expected being separated from her family. We have had 2 labs in the past and we can not tell you how pleased we are with our little LUCY :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
2013 Pups - Charlie (6 wks) 2013 White Pups: 6-wks: Charlie found a loving home with the LaMere family in Davenport, IA where he is fitting in just GRRREAT! A note we received from his new family: "Smart, playful, energetic, and loves our kids. Potty training has been a breeze, no accidents at all. He also loves to retrieve his flying duck toy."
Zoe 2013 White Pups: Here is the Zoe-Monster at 5 1/2 months. Also a spittin' image of her Momma, Harper!
2013 Pups - Mike and Zoe (5wks) 2013 White Pups: 5-wks: Mike and Zoe, it was Love at first sight! Zoe had to wait an extra two weeks to travel to her new home just outside Chicago, IL. However our kids loved the extra time to spoil her with attention and plenty of exercise. I think the wait was especially hard on Mike which is why we posted extra photos and videos of Zoe on our FB page for him to enjoy during the painful wait.
Chocolate Male at 5 wks Archive Photo: 2010 Litter (Mocha x Kodiak)
Chocolate Male 5-wks
2013 Leila white female (4 wks) 4-wks White Female kids have temporarily named Leila taking a break to watch her siblings play tag.
2013 White female Felicity 4-wks White female kids have temporarily named Felicity practicing her tracking ability.
2012 Princess Leia (11-26 at 8wks) Archive Photo: "Princess Leia" at 8-wks being proudly displayed with her new pink "bling" by her new bestest friend
2012 Wrestling Puppies Archive Photo: Wrestling Puppies (5 wks old)
2013 Passel of Pups(4 wks) 4-wks Puppies enjoying a romp in the yard on a nice sunny afternoon.
2013 Courtney and Pups (4-wks) 4-wks Courtney and puppies enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon
2012 Peanut Butter Trio Archive Photo: Peanut Butter Trio (5 wks) This very unique coloration is the result of a Chocolate x White Labs
2013 Puppy Pair (4 wks) 4-wks Puppy Pair white male (front) and cream female (back)
Black Female (7 wks) (2009 Mocha x Glacier) Archive Photo: 2009 Litter (Mocha x Glacier)
Black Female 7-wks
2012 Dark Vader (11-26 at 8wks) Archive Photo: "Dark Vader" at 8wks of age and his new hunting companion
2012 Colin and Male White Archive Photo: This one we temporarily named Snuggle, cause he is so snuggly soft!
Black Male (7wks) (2009 Mocha x Glacier) Archive Photo: 2009 Litter (Mocha x Glacier)
Black Male 7-wks
2013 Passel of Puppies 2-week old (3-31-13): "Passel of Puppies" Eyes opened this week and they are officially "toddlers" constantly moving all about their 8'x4' toasty warm puppy box. They will be starting to sample moist puppy food this week but most are already little butterballs from rich mommas milk.
2012 Grrrrrr Archive Photo: Brotherly Love! (5 wks)
2013 IA State Puppies 2-week old (3-31-13): White Male who has been dubbed "Bull-dozer" as he uses his head to push his litter mates away from mommas "milk wagon".
2013 Counting Puppies in basket 2-week old (3-31-13): Harper counting her litter. 1...2...3.... "Stop Moving!"....1....2....3...4...."oh I give up"
2013 Puppy Pile -1 wk old 3-23-13 1 Week old (3-23-13) - Puppy pile under the warm heat lamps. All ten puppies are doing fantastic under mommas careful eye and nurturing. They have doubled in size over last week and their little stubby pink ears are now white with hair and starting to elongate. They apparently have some active dreams. When this photo was taken they were sleeping but making all manner of growls, groans and yips while some had their legs moving like they were walking.
2013 Harpers' First Litter Archive Photo: Litter of White puppies from Harper x Glacier born 3/16/13.
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